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I've been having such a wonderful time chat and cam free have been so well and thoroughly fucked that I haven't really had the time to write about it. Part 5
100 free cams sex cam So it's been a little while since I've written about my adventures, but it hasn't been because I haven't been having any. So if you've read my other stories you'll remember I left off with Mr. Big and I clicked so well that day in the motel that we decided to meet up again.

And things have really progressed as far as how kinky and fun it's become. actually it's quite the opposite. I hate conflict, I can't be mean or assertive, and I'm fiercely loyal. (And if you haven't read them, you should because they're crazy hot. So I've always naturally been submissive. I think a lot of the reason is I just hadn't found the right person to explore it with.

Now up to this point I haven't really explored or allowed that submissiveness to completely surface in the bedroom. But as you'll see it turned out much different and so much better than I could've ever hoped or imagined. He's just so naturally dominant that everything in me wants to completely and totally submit to him in every sense of the word. Now going into it I honestly don't think either of us expected that, I think we both thought it was going to be a one night stand, we'd have our fun and go our separate ways, and that would be that.

I want to please and pleasure him. He is my Daddy and I'm his slut, Daddy's whore. Big will now free live cams chat be referred to as Daddy. I know that Daddy likes his whore to look the part so I went shopping the day before and got a new black dress, thigh highs, and black heels. I want him to own and possess me.

I packed all that up as well as my toys and a few other things and went to Daddy's. Not only in the bedroom but my personality in general. From there we went to the motel together. We pulled in front of the office and he told me I was going to squirt for him before we went in. I'm not even exaggerating.

Ive never experienced anything like it. Daddy can make me squirt in less than a minute. I felt like there was no choice. I can't even make myself squirt anymore because free cams sex cams show he has her so spoiled, but believe me I'm not complaining. So Daddy called me and told me we were going to be going to another motel.

And for that reason, from here on out, Mr. So daddy makes me squirt in the front seat of the car in front of the motel office. I swear I'm going to end up needing IV fluids one of these days. And he can make me squirt more times than I knew was humanly possible. Thankfully there were two other motels on the same road.

So we get to the next motel and Daddy goes in and gets a room. Now believe me when I tell you I am extremely loud and verbal anytime Daddy touches me and this was no exception. I was standing at the sink which had a big counter and mirror above it. Well how could I argue with that. Then he told me to stand in front of the window where he bent me over and fucked me with his huge cock for anyone to see.

So when we look up we had an audience. After Daddy had thoroughly fucked me he told me we free cams cam to cam site were going to take a walk. He walked up behind me and told me to get on the counter where he made me squirt over and over. Suddenly he stopped, leaned against the building and told me to get on my knees.

I of course immediately dropped to my knees and pulled out his cock and started sucking him. The thrill of being outside and someone walking around the corner at any moment was so exciting. So we left the Cams mfc room and went outside and started walking around the building. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and dripping down the insides of my thighs.

After I sucked Daddy's cock we went back to the room where he continued to make me squirt again and again. We had to hurry up and leave that motel because for all we knew they might've called the cops. cumming 48 times really takes a lot out of a girl. We drive around to where our room is and he makes me cum a few more times before we get out and go into the room. So I laid my head on Daddy's lap and fell asleep with his cock in my mouth, sucking on it like a pacifier.

Knowing that someone could be watching was so fucking hot. It was the perfect ending to the evening. Just a warning though. --I have a lot more to share so I'll be posting more stories over the next few days. things get VERY kinky and VERY filthy (in all the best and sexiest ways).

We had been keeping track of how many times he did and he ended up making me squirt 48 times that night. I was freaking exhausted! Once we were in the room I put on my new dress and shoes, put my hair in pigtails, and fixed my makeup. My previous record was like 12 or 15 which I thought was insane but Daddy completely took over that title.

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I'd go home all wet from washing dishes and peel off my clothes and jerk off immediately. Suck it and lick free cams live cam jasmine it slowly – as I had imagined so many times. She was free video cam porn a server and I was a dishwasher, and she'd come back and drop off dishes and smile at me and joke around all the time.

I had been at this party all night, trying to get logitech web cam software free cams download some alone time with this girl I worked with who hidden cam free cams I had been crushing on forever. But tonight I just wasn't getting naughty chatroulette any time with her. Sometimes watching in the mirror, looking at my 7" cock from all angles, wondering if she'd like it. But we both slow down and – albeit complete strangers – kinda start talking.

I got to the middle of the quad and its midnight or so, and I pass this guy and we say the normal "whats up" or whatever as we pass. So I decided to walk across campus and get my car and go home to jerk off yet again. Fuck man, I liked her so much.

He said yeah he had been hanging out and was going over best free cam to cam sites see some other friends. Whenever I would have times where I thought about it, it just never seemed to happen. It was weird, two total strangers in the middle of the night start talking and seeing whats up. I mean, I have always been pretty good with girls and gotten laid a lot, and certainly watched a lot of porn, and sometimes went to the peep booths at the porn shop.

Her dumbass boyfrind was in town and she was all over him. But something told me this guy was the same, it was just 'in the air' that night in that conversation. Admittedly, I was really horny and had always been a little bicurious but had never acted on it. So I say let's hang out and we start walking together.

They had "buddy booths" where you could see into the other cube and watch a guy jerk off, but that was the extent of my experience. In the body language, or at least I thought. Baseball cap, tshirt, jeans. This was the early 1990's, and the internet hadn't taken off yet. We go down and get my car and get in, and for the first time I can see what he looks like.

We drive over to where he said his friends were, and the apartment is dark and no one answers. not a bad looking guy, but I mean I had never considered judging men's looks. I tell him i had just been at a party and was headed home.

Apparently they had gone out. He said he lived nearby and had some beer, so we went to his apartment. I was already a little buzzed from the other party, so I was relaxed and not anxious about hanging with this dude whom I barely knew. Hes thin and looks like a regular college kid. We drant he beers and talked about getting pussy and told a few stories about our sexual conquests. He threw me a beer and we sat down at the kitchen table.

I told him about how I would have to go home and jerk off over this chick, and then we got into telling jerk off stories. I started telling him about the girl and how bad I wanted to fuck her and her boyfreind being at the party. He said he was horny too and struck out as well.

Porn, lube vs non-lube, everything. All it did was make me hornier. Kind of a weird conversation to have with someone you just meet. There was a bit of a lull in the conversation at one point after that, and I started thinking about pushing the idea of jerking off together a little bit. Then he comes out and asks if I wanna watch some porn.

I wanted to get off, and I kinda wanted to see him get off too. I say hell yeah, and he hops up goes into the dark den and puts in a VHS porn, and I sorta follow him in. He sits back one one side of the sofa and sit on the other end. My cock is raging hard and i can tell the precum spot in my pants is growing.

I ddn't have the courage to say anything and was struggling to find the right words. The lights are off except for the light of the TV screen shining into the room. We sit quietly and watch and make a few remarks, but I am fixed on the screen watching the action. It standard fare for the early 90's – two hot sluts and a dude with a huge dick taking turns on them. He agrees and we continue to watch.

Im dying to look over at him, and I am straining to see through my peripheral if he does anything. I knew he was too, and shit – this was his idea. I lean forward and put my beer on the table and then lean back, and put my hand on my dick outside my pants and squeeze it and say 'holy shit this is good' or something like that.

So this goes on for a few minutes and I raise the ante, and start moving my hand in a grinding motion against my aching boner. He finally leans up and basically mimics what I did – he puts his beer on the table and leans back and right on cue, grabs his dick outside his jeans. I decide if he freaks I will blame it on the beer and porn, and just say 'shit man I forgot I wasn't alone haha' or something lame like that.

I unbutton the top button on my jeans and slide my hand down my pants and my fingers around my shaft. Shit, this might just happen, be careful what you wish for asshole. He doesnt do anything, though. He doesn't move for a minute, his hand gripping his dick. I finally get the nerve to do something.

I can see the outline and he is hard as fuck. Then he turns and looks at me and we make eye contact. I make a shrugging motion like "fuck it, I have my hand down my pants" and he kinda smiles and stares down toward my crotch – still squeezing his dick. I feel a flash in my chest and my heart skips.

I unzip my jeans and pul them down slowly, and he keeps staring and squeezing. I'm thinking fuck Ive gone too far. I take this as an invitation to put on a show. I grip it and hold it straight up and slowlt resume jerking. It is hot and hard, and the precum has made a large wet spot in my boxers.

I pull them down mid-thigh and pull down my boxers revealing my cock. I look away from him and back at the porno. His dick is about the same size as mine, a little thicker. Now I am in fairly uncharted territory. In my peripheral I see him do the same.

I had only jerked off with other males when I was growing up, out in the woods with Playboys, comparing pube growth and all that. Im thinking we can just jerk off together and then when we cum thats that, problem solved, Ill get up and go home. We are both alternately looking at each other's faces and dicks.

The porno is going in the background and the moans and dirty talk heightens the mood. We were both sexually experienced. So I turn my head and look at him. I let him get his down and I look over. I decide to push this thing and see whats up, im about to jizz everywhere anyway. He does the same and we are standing in the room facing each other by the light of the TV.

This was two grown men in a private residence. I move my cock head closer and gesture to him to touch it with his. We are both trying to see the other one's dick and we move closer and closer. I reach down and take my shoes off and stand up and take my pants off completely, and face him. God it feels good, and my inhibitions are gone.

We rub the wet and swollen cock heads together , slippery with precum and tight as drums – engorged with blood. I feeling it frantically at first, then more sensually. When they touch I can feel a pulse run through my whole body like electricity. If we are going to do anything, it needs to be now. We take off our shirts and our hands are roaming all over each other. I reach down and take hold of his cock and he does the same.

Im staring at this guys dick and I fucking want it. His balls, under his balls. I put my other hand on his ass and we press our bodies together and grind our crotches against each other. I kneel down and put hte head to my lips and look up at him. I want to suck this dudes dick.

WE back up and concentrate on each others cocks. Its fucking awesome and I am so horny Im about to cum. I take his dick into my mouth and suck. I can taste so much precum. This is so gay, but its all I want to be doing at that moment. I try not to drag my teeth on it, and I lick and suck it for a moment or two. I want to cum, so I say "man Im going to cum" and he jumps up and pumps his dick and says "same time" and we blast loads on each others stomachs and dicks.

I stand up and we switch. We are sucking cock back and forth. Im cumming so hard and so much, just unreal. 1NmgXw2 cockinhandatwork
1KgyOEx 1KgyOEx[1 comment] I am stroking my dick and I lick all over his shaft, his balls. He is just staring at me.